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Luxurious Russian Barguzin sable jacket

Manufacturer: Lars Paustian

Order number: 398


Immediately shippable

€68,980.00 *

First-class Russian Barguzin sable jacket

Handmade Russian Barguzin sable jacket in dark brown

From our workshop in Kiel, Germany, our team of expert furriers and tailors create custom fur products
for worldwide delivery using only the finest genuine furs and materials available. This Barguzine sable
fur jacket is no exception. Russian sable of this variety was worn for centuries by Russian Tsars and is
considered to be one of the finest furs available on earth. Experience the luury a handmade, custom fur
jacket from Master Furrier will bring to your wardrobe today!

Material:  Russian Barguzin sable

Colour: natural dark brown

Size: 42

Overall length with collar: 106 cm

Overall length without collar: 98 cm

Seam width: 226 cm

Chest measurement (closed): 124 cm

Sleeve length from neck on: 76 – 80 cm (variable)

Pockets: see images

Lining: brown

Fasteners: three fur fasteners – with button at the collar

Weight: 1.9 Kg

Custom service within ten days without any extra costs!


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