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Passing on your data:

We will not pass on your data without your permission (which you may withdraw at any time) except to our service partners (e.g. banks and shipping companies), to whom your data is necessary in order to execute your order. In case of data transfer, the amount of data transferred is reduced to the neccessary minimum.

We use multiple Google services for targeted advertising. Because of this, you might find our advertisements when visiting other websites. Google adds visitors to groups of people with the same interest based on their surfing behaviour. We have no influence at all on this process. You can deactivate the automatic grouping in your Google settings at In addition to this you can use either the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) or Network Advertising Initiative's (NAI) website at and respectively to opt out from Google amongst others.
More information about this topic can be found at


To provide you with the most personal experience possible, your customer data will be saved in so-called cookies. They may be used upon your next visit to our homepage. Once your data is saved in cookies, you don’t have to fill out any of the forms you have already completed beforehand.

Admittedly, this very brief information on privacy does not contain everything we have to say about the matter of privacy. As to any further information related, please refer to our German website.