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Beautiful muff made of blue frost fox furs with tail and paws intact

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Beautiful fur muff made of blue frost fox fur 100% SAGA blue frost fox muff - Origin Assured... more

Beautiful fur muff made of blue frost fox fur

100% SAGA blue frost fox muff - Origin Assured

Discover the ultimate in winter fashion luxury with our gorgeous muff made of 100% SAGA blue frost fox furs.
Like all of our products, this muff is handmade by our expert furriers and tailors at our workshop in Kiel, Germany.
This model includes an exterior zipper pocket for ultimate wearability and uses the complete coat,
including tails and paws, to achieve a wild, distinguished look. At Master Furrier, we only use the highest-quality materials,
and that is why the furs in this product come from SAGA, one of the world's most respected fur producers.
This product also comes with the Origin Assured designation, which guarantees that the furs used in this product
are of the highest quality and were obtained by humane means. By using the highest quality materials and furs,
we are able to offer our customers furs of unparalleled quality and luxury.

Material: SAGA blue frost fox furs with tail and paws (Origin Assured)

Muff bag material: 100 % down

Colour: natural

Size: 40 cm x 32 cm x 18 cm (16" x 12.5" x 7")

With an exterior zipper pocket

Scandinavian Bluefrost Fox

The blue frost fox (alopex lagopus forma domestica) belongs to the farmed Scandinavian foxes. Blue frost foxes have a grayish-black hair color with a darker stripe in the back of the fur skin. The hair of the blue frost fox is very full, dense and a little shorter compared to other farmed foxes. Responsible handling of the natural product Fur is our concern, which is why we only purchase our blue frost fox skins from well-known fur sources such as the SAGA Furs auction in Finland and the Copenhagen Fur in Denmark. If you decide to buy a product from Scandinavian blue frost fox, you can be sure to receive a first-class product from guaranteed excellent fox farms according to high European standards. We produce blue frost fox fur blankets, fur pillows, and accessories. If you have any questions regarding our blue frost fox fur blankets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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