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The Origin of our Furs: Fox

Find out about the different breeds of fox, their different furs and where they can be found.

Ever wondered how many breds developed through controlled breeding?

Learn about about our furs' countries of origin.

The Origin of our Furs: The OA-Label

Knowing where our fur comes from and knowing that the animals are being treated humanely is a significant factor in the production of our products. To ensure highest quality we must know about a range of factors, including the furs’ origin.

In case you would like to find out more about how we ensure ethical correctness, check out this blog article on the Origin Assure label.

Maintenance and Storage Tips for your Fur Blanket

Do you want to know how to take care of your fur blanket?

There are some necessities to absorb when it comes to maintaining a blanket’s elegance and full resplendence.

Be sure to read these instructions to keep your blanket as beautiful as it is today.