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Maintenance and Storage Tips for your Fur Blanket

If you follow these simple instructions you will prevail the beauty of your fur blanket for a very long time.

  • Fur blankets are best suited for tucking in and for decoration. Furs are made to be enjoyed - but constant stretching - by putting pressure on it all the time (e.g. relentless sitting) - might cause galling. Well, even galling is repairable.

  • Every few months you should shake out and/or beat out the blanket - but please be gentle, do not beat it too hard!

  • NEVER wash your fur blanket. NEVER give your fur blanket a chemical cleaning. Bring it to your furrier who will take care.

  • In case you are experiencing stains on your blanket - wipe them out carefully (!) with a sponge or cloth using a little bit of soapsuds.

  • Do not store furs in too hot or humid conditions (e.g. basement or boiler room).

  • Very important: Don’t worry if your fur blanket gets wet - when your fur is wet you must not dry it in a tumbler or heater! Just wait for it to dry by itself.

Yet, if you find any question unanswered - feel free to contact us.


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