Alfombra de piel de conejo Rex en forma de nube en blanco

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Alfombra de piel de conejo Rex en forma de nube en blanco más

Alfombra de piel de conejo Rex en forma de nube en blanco

Tipo de piel: Conejo rex
Comentario: We can produce this fur rug in individual sizes and colors, please contact us.
Tamaño (+/- 3%): ca, 200 x 120 cm - 78.7 x 47.2 inches
Color: Blanco, Natural
Forro de vuelta : Antideslizante tecnología, Crema cachemira (2944)
Relleno: Soft wadding/inlay (100% pure wool)
Curtiduría: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
Ennoblecimiento: Cloud-Shaped Rex Rabbit Fur Carpet with soft inlay and backing
País / región: España, Europa
Origen: Farmed Fur (from controlled fur farming), The farmed furs tagged with the "ethically sourced and sustainable furs" label are guaranteed to come from sustainable sources like agriculture and food production.
Nombre latino: Cuniculus forma domestic
CITES (Convención sobre el comercio internacional de especies amenazadas de fauna y flora silvestres): CITES is not required!, The article is freely tradable worldwide

Rex-Rabbit (European Rabbit)

The rex rabbit skins we use for our fur products come from Europe. The unique thing about the rex rabbit is that the underwool and the guard hair have the same hair-length. Compared to the regular rabbit, the hair is a bit shorter, and it has a very soft and fluffy touch. We can guarantee that these rex rabbit skins come from excellent and qualitative farmed. We regularly buy rabbit fur from companies that we know personally and can thus guarantee exclusively high-quality skins for our rex rabbit fur blankets and pillows. The fur is just a by-product which is produced during the meat manufacturing. We have very high demands on the quality of the skins which is why we only purchase the best skins possible. If you have any questions regarding our rex rabbit fur products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have questions?

You would like to purchase a fur product in a different size, color or another back-lining? We can customize every fur product. You can also order every article via telephone or email. Just contact us via telephone: +49 4316611390 or via Email:

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