Manta Ahumado Piel de Zorro

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Manta Ahumado Piel de Zorro más

Manta Ahumado Piel de Zorro

Type of Fur: Smokey Fox
Size (+/- 3%): ca. 198 x 124 (2.45 sm) - 78 x 48.8 inches
Color: Natural
Forro de vuelta : black wool fabric (Nr. 207)
Inlay: German producer, Soft wadding/inlay (100% wool)
Quality Label: Origin Assured (OA), SAGA Fur
Dressing: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
País / región: Escandinavia, Finlandia
Origin: Farmed Fur
Latin Name: Alopex Lagopus Forma Domestica (Fox)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!, The article is freely tradable

Smokey Fox - SAGA Furs

The smokey fox (alopex lagopus forma domestica) is a farmed fox from Scandinavia. Smokey foxes are rare foxes, and they are characterized by their unique and individual color pattern. The hair of the fox skin is soft, silky and compared to other farmed foxes rather long-haired. The color is very similar to that of the cross fox, but usually a little brighter and more golden. Responsible handling of the natural product fur is very important to us, and therefore we always purchase our smokey fox skins from the SAGA Furs in Finland or the Copenhagen Fur auction in Denmark. If you decide to buy a product from Scandinavian smokey fox, you can be sure to receive a first-class fox fur product from excellent Scandinavian fur farms. All our smokey fox fur blankets, fur pillows, and fur accessories are produced by our master furriers in our company in Germany. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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