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Origin Assured - abbreviated OA - is a transparency program of our fur sector

Our fur goods tagged with the OA – label are made of 100 % OA™ – furs


Many of our processed furs are tagged with the OA™ Label. It means that the skins come from a country with animal protection acts or diligence acts applicable of the sector which regulates the fur production.

The OA™ Programm is a meaningful new initiative for the fur sector. Only specific countries and animal species are qualified for the OA™ Label at the time. It is intended to extend the programm and to add other furs, as soon as they prove suitable.

The OA™ Label stands for furs with 100% assurance of origin

An external, international, independent agency (independent Genevese agency for investigation Cotecna) supervises the programm through the whole supply chain. This serves as an assurance, that whenever you see an OA™ - Label, you know that it's 100% origin assured. The OA program is a common initiative of the IFTF (International Fur Trade Federation) together with the international auction houses American Legend Cooperative, Finnish Fur Sales (SAGA), Kopenhagen Fur and American Fur Auctions.

To find out more about the OA™ - program, visit the website WWW.ORIGINASSURED.COM







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