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Cizme Blană Vulpe Shadow Scandinavă

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Durata de livrare 10-20 Zile de muncă

shoe size:

  • 2750
Cizme Blană Vulpe Shadow Scandinavă mai multe

Cizme Blană Vulpe Shadow Scandinavă

Tipul de blană: Lamb, Rex Rabbit, Shadow Fox
Mărime (+/- 3%): Please choose in our dropdown
Culoare: Natural, White
Lebel de calitate: SAGA Fur
îmbrăcare: Îmbrăcat în Uniunea Europeană - de standardele europene
Finisare: lambskin on the inside, leather sole, rex rabbit in the inside
Tara / Regiune: Europa, Finland, Scandinavia
Origine: Farmed Fur (from controlled fur farming)
Nume latin: Alopex Lagopus Forma Domestica (Fox), Cuniculus forma domestica (Rabbit), Ovis aries linnè forma domestica (Lamb)
CITES (Convenția privind comerțul internațional cu specii sălbatice de faună și floră pe cale de dispariție): Articolul este liber tranzactionabile, CITES nu este necesară!

Shadow Fox

The shadow fox (alopex lagopus forma domestica) is a farmed Scandinavian fox. Shadow foxes are among others one of the most famous foxes. The fox skins are because of its natural light color ideal for individual coloring. The hair of the shadow fox is rather shorter compared to other foxes, but it is very full, soft and dense. We always buy our shadow fox skins from well-known auction houses like SAGA Furs in Finland and Copenhagen Fur in Denmark. If you decide to purchase a product from Scandinavian shadow fox, you can be sure to get a first-class and unique natural product. We produce shadow fox fur covers, fur pillows, and accessories. If you have any questions regarding our shadow fox fur blankets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Auction House - Saga Furs

SAGA Furs is an over 80-year-old fur auction house in Finland with the largest selection of high-quality furs from strictly controlled European countries. Like Kopenhagen Fur, SAGA Furs has a certification and auditing program for suppliers for the environment, animal health, and animal welfare. The SAGA Furs label guarantees premium quality fur skins and animal welfare. SAGA Furs auctions are held several times a year. The current WelFur certification started back in 2005 with the SAGA Furs certification. In addition to accreditation, the traceability in the supply chain is becoming increasingly important. SAGA Furs has developed a fur traceability program that allows producers to trace the origin of each fur back to each farm. SAGA Furs actively contributes to improving animal welfare since there is a direct link to quality. Most furs sold through SAGA Furs are fox furs and mink furs.

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