Canadian red fox fur blanket - classic style


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Canadian red fox fur blanket - classic style

Indulge yourself in a handmade red fox fur blanket from Master Furrier today - of course, we can make this Canadian red fox fur blanket in your desired size!

Our team of expert furriers and tailors handcrafts all of our products using only the finest genuine furs and materials. Become one of our many customers worldwide, and experience the luxury of an excellent fur blanket in your home.

Type of fur: Canadian red fox, Red Fox
Size (+/- 3%): ca. 200 x 140 cm (2,8m²)
Color: Natural, Red-orange
Back Lining: Brown structured Wool Lining (No. 95020)
Inlay: German producer, Soft wadding/inlay (100% pure wool)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Article is freely tradable, The article is freely tradable worldwide
Country / Region: Canada, North America
Dressing: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
Finishing: natural
Latin Name: Vulpes Vulpes (Fox)
Origin: The animal species is considered a pest in many regions and is therefore hunted. Wild Fur (from controlled hunting).
Quality Label: 100% Wild Fur, Fur Harvesters

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Extrem schön!!!!

Es ist eine Traumdecke!!! ABSOLUT!!! Und es ist die dritte, die ich bei Ihnen kaufte. Und alle sind nach Jahren noch wie neu! Die Qualität ist beachtlich, die unverwüstliche (;-)) Kürschnerarbeit, aber auch die Felle. Danke an alle, die daran mitwirken!!! Und danke für die super Kommunikation!

Wow!! I received my blanket!!! It’s fabulous!!!

Lars, Wow!! I finally received my blanket!!! It’s fabulous!!! Well worth the wait. Thank you again and I appreciate your craftsmanship. Best, Franny

Herzlichen Dank, die Decke ist da - toll !

Sehr geehrte Frau Paustian, herzlichen Dank, die Decke ist da - toll ! Da fehlt doch jetzt nur noch ... eine Golden Island ... oder eine Fawnlight ... Liebe Grüße aus München

Traumhaft schön.

Ich hatte vor einigen Wochen diese Decke Bestellt und zügig erhalten.Zur Decke kann Ich nur eins sagen sie ist einfach nur Traumhaft schön.Weiter so und Danke für die Decke.Klaus aus Duisburg

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Canadian Red Fox

Many animals, like the Canadian red fox (vulpes vulpes), have only a few or no natural enemies. Canadian red fox fur is known for its red-orange color and very silky and soft hair. One of our primary objectives is to use the available resources sustainably and to reconcile with nature. That is why we use Canadian red foxes for our fur products like fur blankets and pillows. If you decide to purchase a product from the Canadian red fox, you can be sure to get a first-class natural product from professional, controlled hunting. If you have any questions regarding our red fox fur blankets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Auction House - Fur Harvesters

Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. is a Canadian fur auction house in Ontario and is considered to be a premium label of quality in the fur industry. Several auctions are held by Fur Harvesters each year. Fur Harvesters offers excellent Canadian wild fur skins such as Canadian red fox, raccoon, coyote, and beaver fur skins. Fur Harvesters demonstrates that fur is a natural and renewable resource from regional, professional hunting. Canadian wildlife is a fundamental part of Canada's heritage and history. Fur Harvesters has gained international recognition and respect for its outstanding line of unique and luxurious fur skins.