Master quality, sustainably crafted - since 1955.
Elegance and expert craftsmanship from our German master workshop. Discover our timeless fur blankets.

New Arrivals and Offers

Discover our luxurious new fur products at attractive prices, combining comfort with elegance.



Cross Fox Fur Blanket
€990.00* €1,390.00*


Amber Fox Fur Blanket
€2,980.00* €3,966.00*


Shadow Fox Sides Fur Blanket black and white
€1,190.00* €1,390.00*


Canadian Redfox Fur Blanket
€2,498.00* €2,955.00*


Red fox fur throw from European Red Fox
€2,290.00* €2,590.00*


Special Possum Real Fur Floor Rug
€1,295.00* €1,590.00*

Real Fur Blankets and Fur Throws  
Handmade from Sable, Fox, Rabbit and More in our Workshop in Germany 

For more than 60 years we have been manufacturing real fur products of the highest quality –  real fur blankets or  fur throwspillowsgarmentsfur carpets or  fur accessories make up our catalogue which is among the largest and most diverse worldwide. We  hand-make all furs in  our master furriers workshop in Kiel, northern  Germany for projects of all sizes and dimensions, including large interior projects for villas or yachts.

We believe that quality can be felt. That is why we only use the finest source materials for all of our products – with no exceptions. We source all of our furs from  internationally renowned auction houses like  SAGA Furs in Finland,  Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark,  Fur Harvesters in Canada or  Sojuzpushnina in Russia. This allows us to be confident in the origin of the furs we sell – a confidence we wish to pass on to you, our customer.

Quality can be felt...

Our master furriers inject a combination of  technical expertise and  in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge fur fashions into every item they make. Only the  finest materials and the richest furs are used in the creation of our fur blankets, fur coats and fur accessories. Believe me - you will  feel  it. We also realize your individual wishes by creating  custom-made  items according to your personal specifications (materials, colors, designs, etc.). Just  get in touch with us and we will gladly help you with your next fur-related project.

Our pledge to ethical responsibility

Ecologic and  ethical responsibility play a crucial role in our company. It came to our attention that fur from Asia does not comply with our strict code of ethics. We have never had significant amounts of products made from Asian material. However, this year we made a cut: Our store does not hold a single item of Asian (e.g. Chinese and Korean) origin. We are building on strong relations with companies like  SAGA FursKopenhagen Furs and  NAFA - companies we perceive as worlds leading when it comes to the assurance of sustainability and the guarantee of certain fur’s origin. Like them, we do follow strict guidelines when it comes to quality and origin of our furs. Our perception of ethics is unshakeable - this is what we stand for.

Fur Blankets - Elegance in every detail

Our collection includes more than 150 different fur blankets. Whether made from red fox, beaver, mink, or sable: our cozy fur blankets made of genuine fur offer something for every taste.

Fur Rugs - Uniquely Elegant.

A genuine fur rug complements any decor. From classic sheepskin rugs to modern fox fur runners and stylish designer pieces in mink: find the perfect fur rug for your home with us.



Silver Fox Carpet
€1,290.00* €1,590.00*


Sun Glo Fox Fur Rug


Sun Glo Fox Fur Carpet
€1,390.00* €2,480.00*

Delivery time 20-30 days

Canadian Red Fox Fur Carpet in XXL


Natural Blue Fox Paws Fur Carpet
€1,190.00* €1,390.00*


European Red Fox Fur Rug - Natural Color
€2,220.00* €2,690.00*


European Red Fox Fur Rug in blue
€1,890.00* €2,450.00*

Fur Pillows - A Touchable Eye-Catcher

Extra cuddly with fur on both sides, or lined with the finest fabrics: our fur pillows impress with quality and fair prices. Available in your desired size, depending on the material.

Delivery time 5-10 days

Rabbit Fur Cushion natural Color


Real Rabbit Fur Cushion in dark-red
€149.00* €169.00*

Delivery time 3-5 Tage

Golden Island fox fur pillow (SAGA Fur)
€499.00* €569.00*


White Shadow Fox Pieces Cushion
€195.00* €225.00*

Delivery time 5-10 days

Real Fur Chinchilla Fur Pillow

Delivery time 5-10 days

Fur Pillow made with Castor Rex Rabbit


Red Fox Fur Pillow in Orange
€169.00* €195.00*

We have many Fur ThrowsFur Carpets and Fur Cushions in our products range. Browse through our luxurious Russian sable fur blanketsChinchilla fur throws or American mink fur blankets. You can find many different Rabbit fur blankets, like Natural rabbit blanketsCastor rex rabbit fur blankets, long-haired or Shorn rabbit throws in our online shop. Learn more about our rustic Canadian coyote fur blanketsRaccoon fur blankets or our wild Red fox fur throws. If you are looking for a unique fur throw, you will find the perfect fit in our Fox fur blanket category. From elegant Scandinavian Silver fox blanketsBlue fox blanketShadow foxBlue frost fox or Golden island fox throw to classy European Red fox blankets, we have the perfect fit for you. Our Fox sides fur throws and fox pieces blankets come in many different colors and pattern. New interior highlights are our Opossum fur throwsCanadian beaver fur blanketsMusquash fur blankets and Kolinsky fur throws. You can find matching Fur pillows, like Fox fur pillowsCoyote pillowsMink fur cushionSable pillowRabbit fur pillow or Raccoon fur cushions as well. Add some luxury to your home with first-class Real fur carpetsfur rugs or real fur runnersNatural fur carpets are great for a comfortable living area. Complement your home decor with cozy Fur bean bags, made with Australian lambskins or Russian sables. Armchairs, fur sofas, chairs, and stools with fur are the interior trend this year. We only use high-quality fur skins form fur auctions like SAGA FursCopenhagen FursNAFA or Fur Harvesters. Browse through our fur fashion and real fur accessories and get inspired. Luxury fur scarfs made with sable, fox or rabbit, or elegant raccoon fur muffs and real fur bags will be an eye-catcher this season. All of our real fur products are handmade by our master furriers and tailors in our workshop in Kiel, Germany.

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Quality can be felt - and so can trust.

Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities. That's why we manufacture all our furs in our master workshop in Germany. This is how we guarantee the highest quality and superior service - for three generations now.

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