Wine Cooler made of Scandinavian Shadow Fox


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Wine Cooler made of Scandinavian Shadow Fox

Impress your guests with these stunning wine bottle coolers from Scandinavian shadow fox furs at your next party.  With our glamorous interior design piece, the compliments are sure to flow all night long. The wine bottle cooler comes inclusive bottle chiller for the freezer. The active wine cooler chills your wine within minutes, without using ice. The bottle cooler is suitable for 0,75 - 1 l bottles, and it is reusable.

Price is for one Wine Chiller only! 

Type of fur: Shadow fox
Size (+/- 3%): Höhe: ca. 20 cm, Umfang: ca. 52 cm
Color: Natural, White
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Article is freely tradable, The article is freely tradable worldwide
Certification: FURMARK® certified, SAGA FURS certified
Comment: Inclusive bottle chiller. Keeps bottle cool for hours. Suitable for 0,75 - 1 l bottles.
Country / Region: Finland, Scandinavia
Latin Name: Alopex Lagopus Forma Domestica (Fox)
Origin: Wild Fur (from controlled hunting)
Quality Label: SAGA Furs

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Shadow Fox

The shadow fox (alopex lagopus forma domestica) is a farmed Scandinavian fox. Shadow foxes are among others one of the most famous foxes. The fox skins are because of its natural light color ideal for individual coloring. The hair of the shadow fox is rather shorter compared to other foxes, but it is very full, soft and dense. We always buy our shadow fox skins from well-known auction houses like SAGA Furs in Finland and Copenhagen Fur in Denmark. If you decide to purchase a product from Scandinavian shadow fox, you can be sure to get a first-class and unique natural product. We produce shadow fox fur covers, fur pillows, and accessories. If you have any questions regarding our shadow fox fur blankets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fur Wine Chiller

Elegant bottle cooler made of 100% real fur. The wine coolers are suitable for 0.75 - 1-liter bottles. The cooler holds a re-usable cooling element that chills the bottle within minutes. The cooling sleeve keeps drinks cool and fresh for hours. Place the cooling sleeve in the freezer. When the ice cooler is cold, you can put it over the bottle to be cooled. The drink will be chilled within a few minutes.

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