SAGA Royal - Fur Rug from Shadowfox skins

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SAGA Royal -  Shadow fox fur rug in white Luxurious shadow fox rug (Origin Assured)... more

SAGA Royal -  Shadow fox fur rug in white

Luxurious shadow fox rug (Origin Assured)

Experience the luxury of a fur rug from Master Furrier. Our expert team of furriers and tailors hand makes every one of our items with the finest furs and the best materials. 
The result is a gorgeous fur product. The furs used to create this rug come from SAGA,
one of the most well-respected fur producers in the world. All of their products come with the Origin Assured industry designation, which guarantees that the furs used in this rug are both of the highest quality and come from humanely treated animals.

Type of Fur: Blue Shadow Fox
Size (+/- 3%): ca. 195 x 138 cm (2.7 qm) - 76.8 x 54.3 inches
Color: White
Back Lining: anti-slipping technology, Black wool lining (500703)
Quality Label: Origin Assured (OA), Royal, SAGA Fur
Dressing: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
Country/Region: Finland, Scandinavia
Origin: Farmed Fur
Latin Name: Alopex Lagopus Forma Domestica (Fox)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!, The article is freely tradable

Shadow Fox

The shadow fox (alopex lagopus forma domestica) is a farmed Scandinavian fox. Shadow foxes are among others one of the most famous foxes. The fox skins are because of its natural light color ideal for individual coloring. The hair of the shadow fox is rather shorter compared to other foxes, but it is very full, soft and dense. We always buy our shadow fox skins from well-known auction houses like SAGA Furs in Finland and Copenhagen Fur in Denmark. If you decide to purchase a product from Scandinavian shadow fox, you can be sure to get a first-class and unique natural product. We produce shadow fox fur covers, fur pillows, and accessories. If you have any questions regarding our shadow fox fur blankets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have questions?

You would like to purchase a fur product in a different size, color or another back-lining? We can customize every fur product. You can also order every article via telephone or email. Just contact us via telephone: +49 4316611390 or via Email:

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