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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

and thank you very much for visiting my fur online shop! Our shop offers a big variety of fur items, such as fur blankets and fur throwspillowsvestsjackets and accessoires. Any item of our collection is hand made by experienced master furriers in our workshop in Kiel, Germany.

Since our family is living and breathing the art of fur crafting we would like to mention the following: Quality fur is being felt. Treat yourself and your loved ones with the best available. Working with world-reowned fur suppliers we see it as our duty to personally provide you with nothing less than the most sophisticated and distinct quality. It will take the finest materials and the richest furs to create what we call “Wohlfühlatmosphäre” - a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Our team of expert tailors and master furriers will work without respite to offer you custom-made items of highest quality following your personal wishes and specifications.

If you have questions or custom wishes regarding any of our products, just give me a call or leave an e-mail. Have a great time browsing through our products. 
Best regards,

Lars Paustian, Master Furrier

SAGA Silver Fox Fur Blanket -...

Instead of: €5,380.00 * €4,790.00 *

Barguzin sable throw - luxurious...

Instead of: €23,580.00 * €18,900.00 *

Exclusive ORYLAG rex rabbit fur...

Instead of: €3,890.00 * €2,990.00 *

Delightful Canadian red fox fur...

Instead of: €6,280.00 * €4,450.00 *

Red Fox fur blanket - basic style

Instead of: €2,490.00 * €1,890.00 *

Canadian Wild Cross Fox Fur Blanket

Instead of: €3,785.00 * from €3,290.00 *

German Rex rabbit fur blanket

Instead of: €2,580.00 * €1,990.00 *

SAGA Fawn light fur blanket

Instead of: €5,890.00 * €4,280.00 *

Toplot 2013 - Canadian Redfox...

Instead of: €9,995.00 * €7,850.00 *

SAGA Golden Cross Fox fur throw

Instead of: €5,490.00 * €3,290.00 *

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