Fur Blanket Online Shop - fur rugs, coats, jackets, accesoires made from sable, fox, rabbit and more.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank you very much for visiting my fur online shop! I hope that you enjoy the new design of our website. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In our shop you can find a big collection of fur items, such as fur blankets, pillows, vests, jackets and accessoires. Every single one of our products is hand made by experienced furriers in our workshop in Germany.

If you have questions or custom wishes regarding any of our products, I would be glad if you contacted us via email or phone. I hope you enjoy browsing through our products!

With kind regards, your master furrier,

Lars Paustian

Sable Fur Blanket - Russian...

Instead of:$46,360.14 * $31,381.47 *

Kit Fox Fur Throw in grey/beige

Instead of:$4,398.45 * $3,774.60 *

Leopard design Rabbit fur blanket

$1,871.55 *

SAGA Gold Fox fur blanket

Instead of:$8,809.50 * $5,028.60 *

Silver Fox Sides Fur Blanket in...

$2,388.27 *

Sheared rabbit fur throw - dark...

Instead of:$1,884.15 * $1,506.06 *

SAGA Golden Cross Fox fur throw

Instead of:$6,906.44 * $4,637.90 *

SAGA Silver Fox Fur Blanket -...

Instead of:$8,040.71 * $6,288.90 *

SAGA Blue Frost Fox Fur Blanket...

$6,793.02 *

SAGA shadow fox blanket - 'cognac'

Instead of:$2,381.97 * $1,751.82 *

Red Fox fur blanket - basic style

$3,012.12 *

Russian Sable Sides Fur Blanket

Instead of:$7,164.81 * $4,133.78 *

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