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We believe, that quality can be felt - and so can trust. In all of our products, we only use the highest quality materials on the market. We handpick all the furs for our products ourselves on international fur auctions all over the world. Have a look at what some of our customers have said about their new fur blankets, fur pillows or fur accessories below.

Just perfect

Just what I needed, an economical blanket for winter so I don't have to use five bedspread to stay warm. I have a doggie that loves to sleep with me, and he loves this beaver fur blanket too. It's just perfect. Thanks, Alfie

Five Stars

Love it. The color, the material everything about it is fantastic. 5 stars from me. I'm ordering another for my husband for Christmas.

Very pleased with my purchase

Gorgeous and so very soft. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The coyote sides fur throw has a lovely color and feels like cashmere on the under side. Love it!

Really promising fur blanket

This red fox fur blanket is GREAT. The size is amazing if you intend to use it on a double bed or similar. So far it's been really good, and the feel of the product is amazing. It's so soft to touch and perfect for really cold evenings. Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.

Stunning fur blanket!!

Beautiful and stunning fur blanket!! I love my new "snow top" fur blanket - highly recommended! With amazingly quick delivery!!


This is THE SOFTEST plush white fur blanket! I was overwhelmed by the massive selection of colors, patterns and fur types on this website. The fox blanket is fluffy and warm. It's perfect!
Lilian Goulburn, from Australia

Happy with this purchase, nice fox throe

Happy with this purchase, especially that the cold weather is coming in. The fox throw is perfect for those chilly nights. It's soft material and big enough to snuggle up my wife and two little girls. Shipping to the UK was easy and fast.

Excellent quality

I was befuddled by the dozens of fur boas and scarfs here on Lars Paustian Furs, but this was a fantastic choice. Incredibly soft and warm, exactly what I was looking for. The price is certainly right, I'm back for another color.

What more can I say? Beautiful !!

I purchased this European red fox fur blanket for my king sized bed because it is warm, and dog hair won't show on it. It is unbelievably soft and luxurious. The dog hair doesn't show, and the blanket doesn't shed at all. I am thinking of getting my Mom a fur blanket for her queen sized bed as an early Christmas gift. Thanks a lot for the fast shipping and this fur blanket, Amy

Nice scarf

Very nice color and useful materials. It's as big as I expected. Need it in fall and winter. Great price during the Black Friday Sale as well.


Very good coyote fur plaid. It is lightweight and comfortable, smooth and silky. However, it is suitable for autumns and winter season. Thanks, Louis

Incredible fox blanket!

It has arrived, and WOW! Just incredible! I've never seen another blanket with such high quality fur.

The last blanket I bought from you my wife confiscated it immediately for herself, so this one's mine. Thank you, for everything!

Thanks, Andrew

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